Message from the Director

SISTAR INTERNATIONAL was founded as a Sri Lankan corporation with the goal of increasing the abilities and talents of Sri Lankan youth while also improving their financial situation. Despite the fact that our country has a very talented and skilled younger generation, they have not had many opportunities to demonstrate their ability to the rest of the world. SISTAR hopes to send such gifted trainees to Japan, where they can develop professional skills using cutting-edge technology while also assisting their families in achieving more economic stability in Sri Lanka. We intend to bring more foreign exchange to Sri Lanka as a result of this business, assisting the Sri Lankan government's financial development as a respected business figure in the country.

SISTAR specializes in three-year aftercare services, as well as eight-year consulting services. After dispatching our trainees to Japan, we did not abandon them. Our support companies have been located in Japan, and our team will travel there at some point to ensure the safety of our trainees. Additionally, if they choose to stay in Japan for a long time after completing Technical Intern Training for three years, we support them in upgrading their resident status to SSWRP. We also assist trainees who return to Sri Lanka after three years and would like to start their own business. We also assist them in acquiring investors and obtaining other legal services.

Within the next five years, our ultimate goal is to become one of Sri Lanka's leading sending organizations. Whether in Japan or Sri Lanka, we ensure that our trainees have a bright future.

W. V. I. P. Gunathilaka
Managing Director