Business Description

Recruiting Technical Intern Trainees to Japan as a Sending Organization, under the supervision of OTIT & Supervising Organizations in Japan.

Recruiting Specified Skilled Workers for Japanese Companies who are willing to accept Sri Lankans.

Long-term consultation and life support for Sri Lankans working in Japan as Technical Intern Trainees and Specified Skilled Workers.

Available Areas

Despite our head office is located in Colombo area, currently we are responding nationwide as we highly concern about the skilled young interns who resides in rural areas.

We also working with several Supervising Organizations throughout Japan in order to send Sri Lankan workers and trainees to all prefectures in Japan.

W. V. I. P. Gunathilaka

Established Date

No. 363/8E, Pannipitiya Road, Kalalgoda

+94 11 74 60 951


SLBFE licensed No
PV 00209028